One size does not fit all.  At Breakaway, we can scale our delivery services according to your needs. Need it in a half hour, or need it by the end of day? Our delivery rates reflect the urgency of your job and help us route your package efficiently and economically.

Delivering 17 cases of refrigerated eggs to the Medical College? 75 boxes of documents to the Federal Courthouse? Or just a sandwich for your lunch? We have all the appropriate tools to handle any size delivery.

Don’t just call us a courier. Call us your last-minute personal assistant, paramedic for your paralegal, on-demand mover, party-platter/ Bucks-tickets/ 12-cases-of-champagne/ forgot-your-Anniversary specialists.


Breakaway is the first company in Milwaukee to offer cargo bike delivery for its clients. We have 3 cargo bikes that range in size depending on the delivery demands.

Breakaway has teamed up with several restaurants to offer food delivery. Since we deliver anything, anywhere we can pick up your food from ANY restaurant you like.